The Market is changing. Consumer need is shifting. Understanding consumers becomes a challenge

The Digital Age means more data is available. Social media means more interaction. Bringing data into insights becomes a challenge.

The US market is stable but innovative. China’s market is dynamic but predictable. Sharing global market learning has never been so crucial as it is today.

Understanding your marketing data is more complex and important than ever.

It is an exciting era to help marketers grow brands and facilitate analytics needs. By utilizing data-driven analytics solutions, we put brands to test and help our marketing partners achieve their performance goals.

Here are a few examples of the ways we can help you identify your marketing challenges and find the proper solutions.

Core Competency

About DDY Analytics

Based in New York City, the center of the advertising and marketing world, DDY Analytics is a consulting service to help marketers achieve their financial management and investment goals. With affluence experiences in both US and China markets, we bring experience to both sides of continents and transform brands in different cultures, languages, and consumption habits.

Daniel Yiu, Principal / CEO

As a Chinese native, Daniel has worked with multinational and local brands in both US and China markets. Trained in multiple disciplines, Daniel has a background of Psychology, Business, and Quantitative Methodologies. This diverse cultural and academic background gives him a unique perspective that has enabled him to become an international brand effectiveness ambassador. He has held numerous positions across various major media agencies, including Omnicom Media Group and Interpublic Group. He helps marketers determine the right investment by leveraging data and transforming analytics process into actionable insights, and has lent his expertise to a wide range of industries.

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US (national and market level)

Insurance & Financial Services, Consumer Package Goods, Pharmaceutical, Direct Response, Automobile, Retail, E-commerce, Travel/Leisure, Luxury, Quick Service Restaurant, Tax services. Toy, Alcohol, Non for profit and Government.

China (national and local market)
Quick Service Restaurant, E-Commerce, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)